Metal Powders

Titan International recognizes the specification, manufacture and processing of metal powders requires the utmost expertise for our customers. We service a broad range of industries, from agriculture to aerospace. Our high quality metal powder products are regularly utilized by the aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronics, defense and powder metallurgy industries.

Known for our innovation and problem-solving skills, Titan’s experienced metallurgists, engineers and chemists supply clients with both industry standard and custom metal powders, each with their own unique specifications and technical requirements. Specifically, our milling, particle reduction, classification equipment and advanced processes allow us to produce metal powders ranging in size from 5 mm to sub-micron levels engineered for any application.

We do so with an exceptionally high level of quality, consistency and dependability.

Custom mesh sizing and packaging available.

Pure Metal Powder

Rhenium Powder • Moly Powder • Tungsten Powder

Metal Powder Premix

Tungsten Rhenium • Moly Rhenium • Re Powder Premix

Powder Metal Additives

Ferro-Phosphorus • Ferro-Molybdenum • Vanadium Carbonitride • Ferro-Vanadium

Alloy Powders for Additive and Wire

Ferro-Chrome • Ferro-Niobium • Ferro-Tungsten • Ferro-Molybdenum • Ferro-Titanium • Ferro-Vanadium • Ferro-Zirconium • Ferro-Boron

Tungsten Carbide Powders