Foundry Melt Additions

Feed your foundry with Titan — a trusted producer and distributor of foundry melt additions, including ferro alloys, minor metals, master alloys, metal powders and various tungsten products for aerospace, automotive, foundry, power generation, additive powder and military defense industries.

Ferro Alloys

Tital deals in several types of ferro alloys used in steel manufacturing. Through our extensive international supply chain, we bring competitive pricing and prime products to the industry. Titan specializes in materials like ferro-niobium and ferro-vanadium.

Minor Metals

Our minor metals lone consists of everything from high purity chromium metal to high purity tantalum. Titan offers chrome metal, cobalt, molybdenum, titanium, tungsten, and zirconium among other metals. With capabilities to process material to size, Titan is the ultimate choice for foundry needs.

Master Alloys

Master alloys are manufactured specifically for the iron, stainless steel, special steel and super-alloy industries. Titan has extensive capabilities to offer nickel magnesium, and nickel boron as well as many others.

Metal Powders

Titan Metal Powders supplies all forms of metal powders, and with a full range of micron sizes. We supply other physical forms as well, including pellets/pucks, balls, ingots, shot, scrap, mossy, crystal, chunk and bars. Titan Metal Powders can provide you with the right product for your specification.

Tungsten Products

The Titan Metal Powders brand represents our commitment to Quality and Customer Service. Titan has means to size, separate and certify homogenous metal powder materials. Every order receives attention to detail and every customer is important. Our engineers work with our customers to be sure the specifications are what you need, and are properly communicated to our factory so that you get the product you need.

Element Nominal%
W 99.98% min
O 0.01-0.05%
C 30 ppm max
S 20 ppm max
Fe 0.004% max
Mn 0.002% max
Si 0.010% max
Al 0.010% max
Pb 10 ppm max
P 20 ppm max
Cu 30 ppm max
Sn 50 ppm max
Ti 50 ppm max
Ni 50 ppm max
Mo 50 ppm max
Co 50 ppm max
Sieve Sizes
20x40 mesh 140x325 mesh
40x60 mesh 200x325 mesh
60x325 mesh -325 mesh
80x200 mesh -45 + 15 micron
80x325 mesh -20 micron

High purity Tungsten Metal Powder for press, spray and high density fill applications