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  • mmta

    MMTA Conference

    With the increasing relevance of special alloy production, Titan's strategic capability to deliver high quality materials and refine in the United States is now more important than ever. As pricing volatility reigns, availability of the right materials can be limited. Titan can help you minimize risk and maximize value in your metals supply chain. We…
  • Paolo Rizzo

    Titan International Promotes Paolo Rizzo to Vice President

    Titan International, a specialty metals company, is pleased to announce the promotion of Paolo Rizzo to Vice President. After nearly two years with Titan, Paolo has proven his ability to balance customer relationships, significant sales growth and supply chain sourcing, including materials, logistics and finance. His expanded role will involve management of the company’s ferromoly…
  • shear knives


    CRAP CHOPPERS SLITTER KNIVES SHEAR KNIVES PLATE SHEARS Titan has expert capability to identify your knife material. We buy most grades of knives. Fast settlement and high value payment for CPM9V / CPM10V — CARBIDE — WCCO — I718 / I625 — M2-M42 — M1-H13 — T1-T15 Let’s CUT to the chase. CONTACT US
  • We'll be here. Will you?

    We’ll be here. Will you?

    Schedule time with Titan to grow our businesses together through long-term cooperation. Titan’s new staff and technical advancements are worth noting as we look ahead to 2023 with even more potential. Email [email protected]
  • cobalt sulfate


    Titan International is a manufacturer of high quality cobalt sulfate crystal and solution using 100% recycled sources from the USA. In addition to helping perfect battery materials, our cobalt sulfate is useful in many industrial chemical applications. Ask us more!
  • Jim Brancho quote

    Lithium Battery Recycling

    Lithium battery recycling is one of the new metallurgical challenges in our industry. As units pile up we are working to adapt Titan's NiCo recovery circuits to yield significant benefits. For those attending the NAATBatt conference (Aug. 8th & 9th) and interested in learning more, we’ll be there too.
  • Molybdenum


    Pure Molybdenum – a work of art! The wide variety and purity of metals Titan handles always keeps work interesting. This Moly plate with very low oxygen is headed for a specialty application. Titan carries many types of molybdenum materials, including melt stock, powders, pellets and oxide. Let us know your Moly needs, Titan is…
  • Rhenium Metal Powder

    Economic Advantage: Titan is a US domestic supplier that consistently produces 99.99% pure Re metal powder from 100% recycled sources. Our hydrometallurgical system is capable of using various feeds and engineered for production of pure Rhenium. With intrinsic low gas content, Titan’s Re metal powder is available in a variety of mesh sizes either for…
  • Cobalt Sulfate

    Cobalt Sulfate

    Titan manufactures cobalt sulfate crystals and CoSO4 aqueous solution using its advanced recycling technology. Made in the USA, Titan’s CoSO4 is a conflict-free source of pure cobalt. Cobalt is a high value metal with almost no US domestic production. Today’s industrial demand for high performance metals and batteries makes cobalt recycling strategically important. We welcome…
  • Manganese Metal

    Manganese Metal (Mn)

    Manganese metal (Mn) is best known for its technical significance in steel. However, pure Mn is also a very important element to both aluminum alloys and copper alloys. Normally sold as electrolytic flakes (eMn flakes), Pure Mn is typically 2" x downsize with 99.7% and 99.9% chemical purity available. Ferro Manganese (FeMn) alloys for iron…