Titan International actively refines rhenium in the USA.  As a U.S. Domestic Veteran Owned Small Business, we  offer a complete portfolio of high purity rhenium products, including 99.99+% pure rhenium pellets, engineered rhenium powders and high quality ammonium perrhenate. Using unique technology, Titan excels at recycling superalloy scrap. Titan can customize a rhenium program that brings value from rhenium containing by-products.  Through buy-sell agreements, toll-processing and other creative solutions, our expertise provides clients with lower overall material costs and may include recovery of Pd, Ru and Pt as part of the program.

Rhenium Pellets

Heat up your alloy melting with 99.99%+ pure rhenium pellets and rhenium melting stock. Titan is proud to be an approved supplier for several high profile, world renowned superalloy manufacturers. By offering consistent high purity, our clients can produce the most stringent superalloy grades with uniform single crystal and amorphous structures to create the most intricate and reliable parts. Titan’s rhenium pellets have excellent melt recovery, so they are ideal for alloy melting whether the application is land based turbines, high performance jet engines or innovative medical alloys. At Titan, we look to preserve and extend product quality so our standard packaging includes argon cover gas for safe storage in small increments.

Rhenium Powder

At Titan, we draw on 30+ years’ experience and skilled customization techniques to produce our line of 99.99%+ pure rhenium powders engineered specifically for the powder metallurgy industry. We are well-known for our expertise with tungsten and molybdenum powders as well as excel at custom sizing with quality blending capabilities – regularly producing almost any size powder, including 140 x 325, -325 and -635 mesh, to name a few. Recognizing each application has its own unique needs. Titan offers both irregular morphology and spherical powder in a variety of micron sizes and blends ideal for additive manufacturing, chemical applications and traditional powder metal parts. Titan provides rhenium powder to military, educational and space exploration applications.

Ammonium Perrhenate

For chemical and catalyst manufacturers, Titan’s APR is a preferred choice.  We have expertise in producing to low residual specifications because of our advanced refining process for ammonium perrhenate. We provide unique finished sizes of dry APR crystal for direct production of rhenium-based catalysts and organometallic chemicals, and also offer clients excellent precursor material for pure rhenium metal powder and pellets. Titan is an approved supplier by the petrochemical industry for products used in manufacture of high octane fuels, ethylene oxide and other differentiated products.